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Watch it nah 'for u get clikd
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Beware the length...Thank you to all of you stock artists who may come across words and phrases that are your own, 'borrowed' here, to add to this semi-sarcastic regurgitated mush I pasted together from all the lovely stock accounts I have come across, I figured I'd better put up this little clusterpuck so I can be as clear as everyone else is about the usage of my personal stock. I have a couple other accounts this also applies to them.
:iconracheliechele: :iconcheleriezcelerystalk: :iconmalleysgallery:
Okay, here we go... it's about ta get repetitive up in here... LOL :lol:
DeviantART's FAQ rules state in FAQ 157:  :helpdesk:
"Stock images are images that are posted somewhere with the express intent that it may be used by other artists in their own artwork. Use of these images in this fashion are subject to the artist's license, which may or may not require the payment of fees.
The use of stock imagery at deviantART is permissible if and only if you can provide a link to the source of the stock image along with some kind of proof that you have satisfied the terms of the stock image license." (or in other terms, my rules set forth within this journal entry)
"Artists who fail to adhere to these rules and who consistantly submit third party materials without the knowledge or permission of the proper owner of the materials will receive administrative action. This may include removing your artwork from deviantART, the possible purging of your Gallery and Scrapbook, and the possible banning of your account with or without prior warning."
There are some rules to use my stock please take a look at this:
The images contained in this stock account may not be used for icons and personal ID's (talking about my close up shots, face, eyes...) I do invest a lot of time in this shots and I guess that if you are going to use this images the least you can do is to note me.... :D
I have a good amount/lengthy series of each of these types
Sky Shots
Animal Shots
Nature Shots
Structural Shots
People Shots
This account was created so that other artists would have the opportunity to work with some of my photos.If you use one of my stock photos in any way I simply ask for you to send me a note to my stock account I most likely will not check it if it is sent to my main account.
If you have created an artwork that including my stock that you would like to put up print, you must ask me first. This also applies to anyone wanting to use works containing me on personal sites.Link to me in the description.(It can be a link to the original picture, a link to my icon, or both.) Tip:When you save my photo to your computer, change the file name to whatever number is in the URL. That way when you want to remember who's photo you used, all you have to do is type in the address field (no spaces) http:// www. deviation/ place number here/
These are general things that apply to most people with stock accounts.
If you have any ideas or requests feel free to note me them.Thank you
Rules is the usual. Use or abuse it.. contact me. I wanna see what comes out of it. If it is good I'll put it on my fav list. Commercial use. Contact me first. I have lots of interesting stock you can use. I hope you can find it useful. Just remember, if you use it, you give me credit and throw me a link. Thanks! If you have a request, please note me. I'll see what I can do! Feel free to use this stock in your manipulations INSIDE of DeviantArt only. If it is used outside of DeviantArt, please ask first. Standard drill:1. Put a link in the description of your piece to this account 2. Leave a comment here that you used a piece
YOU MUST ASK ME WHEN WANTING TO PRINT ANY ARTWORK WITH MY STOCK IN IT ....AND GIVE ME SOME TIME TO ANSWER PLEASE ! (like at least a week or so ... you can even mail me but wait untill I give permission to take my stock outside DA or make prints with it) You, as a user of any of my resources, accept any and all liability that may arise from such use.By downloading, storing, or using any stock or resources from ChelieClixHellaPix you are agreeing to accept the following guideline rule of this license. You are allowed to use my stock photos, textures, stock renders, brushes, and other resources in your noncommercial projects. On a noncommercial project you may use the stock free of any charge. A "noncommercial" project is not just a project in which no profit is made--it is a project in which no money changes hands. Advertisements and other such projects which are indirectly commercial in nature do not count as noncommercial, so you will need to obtain permission before you can use our stock in such indirectly commercial projects. Noncommercial use is not limited to DA; you may use Chelieclixhellapix stock items in your noncommercial projects outside of DA as long as you follow all the guidelines. When you use a Chelieclixhellapix stock item on DA, DA's policy requires you to credit the sources of stock you use in any artwork that you submit on their site. Therefore, using a Chelieclixhellapix stock in your art at DA and not crediting the account or the Producer of the stock item you used is technically a DA policy violation.You are explicitly prohibited from putting my stock to commercial use without prior permission. Using my stock item or items in a commercial project without expressed permission from me is copyright infringement! If you would like to use my stock in a commercial project, you may negotiate with me directly to obtain my permission and a commercial use license. As part of any agreement I am free to request a fee in the form of a royalty, a product demo, explicit credit, or any fee that I might wish. :D I may also decline to take any fee, and may issue you a license without charge--this is normally the case in past experiences. I AM a gift-giver, after all. Several examples of uses considered to be commercial projects follow, but besides these there are many other uses considered to be commercial projects, so if you have any confusion about whether or not your project could be considered a commercial project please contact me and inquire. Better safe than sorry. And now the examples:
DA Prints and other such art prints, advertisements for commercial entities, web design for commercial entities, book covers and art in books, c.d. covers and art in c.d.s, and also in art as part of a portfolio all qualify as commercial projects. For any of these uses and for any other commercial use you will need to obtain the Producer's permission beforehand. You are explicitly prohibited from displaying one of my images and falsely claiming it as your own photograph or scan. Additionally, if asked directly by anyone where you obtained an item or items you are required to truthfully inform them. Thank you for reading and respecting these rules.° Crediting is mandatory.° Do not claim my work as your own.° If outside of DA, please ask my permission to post. Feel free to use my stocks as long as you: Give credit. Do not use them outside of deviant-art or for prints [unless with permission] Notify me when you post it and I will be sure to add it to my favorites. Also, I have photos in my scraps that aren't personal faves but are still able to use in stock. Stock only for non-commercial use - well, commercial if you ask. Just ask for my permission, I'll probably give it to you :
Link to this account in the description of your work so others can know where you got your stock. Credit Me! Comment/Send a note to this account because I want to see what you've done! And I'll probably +fav it. Please please please do something more with the stock and make it your own . You know what I mean... Please spent more then 5 min. on a manip! This means: I do not wish to see ANY of my stockphotos submitted after just have adjusted following: LEVELS, COLOURS, TONES, OR ONLY CROPPED. This is not making the stockphoto your "own"! Stockphoto's are meant to be maniped, or used as refence for paintings/drawings and poems.Use stockphotos as an inspiration, to finish off your work, make it your "own" be creative people! If your just going to adjust the things I said above, then pick up your own camera and go out there and shoot your own pictures! And please do not use my username for the title of your picture! Thanks.Always remember to give credit for the image you used. By linking to my stockaccount.( and not my main account. So other people also can find my stocks if they feel like using them too).Please link me  : devchelieclixhellapix: or : iconchelieclixhellapix:   -without the space-
Do not use any of my stockphotos for following:DA ID'S, AVATARS/ICONS(without permission) LIFEJOURNALS, OR LAYOUT FOR PERSONAL WEBSITES..
You may not claim any of the photography within as your own.
I would prefer it if you don't post anything you make in the "photography-section". It just seems wrong since I'm the photographer...How do you link, you ask? Try this FAQ  on creating links on DeviantArt!
Everything in this gallery is for stock use, except the DA IDs. Not for commercial use.
You must send me a link to your work, whether it be here at DA or on your personal site.
Please include a link back to me in your artists comments. No manipulating my photo's to look like my photos. ie: do not submit your work into the photography section, that really pisses me off. Please spend more than 5 minutes tweaking the colours/levels and put a bit of thought into what you're creating. I put thought into the stock. Don't take advantage of that and ride on my coat-tails. Having said that, if you're just looking for an image to go with your poem (submitted in poetry section) feel free to use my stock straight, with a credit.
:reading::jawdrop: :stupidme: I know, I know, :stfu: already... okay... :w00t: :spam: :sprint:


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